Labradors that Lunch, 2 April 2017

Sundays ought to be sunny! That’s Cadbury’s motto, and I quite agree with him. After all, it isn’t called Wetday or Rainday, is it? And when the sun is shining and you have free time on your hands you just have to go out for Sunday lunch, right?

“Please be careless with your food”


Cadbury reckons Sunday lunch should happen everyday, and preferably only with clumsy people present, the sort who spill their food a lot. Cadbury is very fond of people who are clumsy with their food.


Today we took Cadbury and Lady Angel (it’s her new nickname, because she is too posh to be dealing with most other dogs) out for a stroll along the promenade, stopping at a local cafe for lunch. Cadbury, after nearly nine years, has finally grasped how this all works. He lays down under the table and waits while we are served food. He then grins and patiently watches us eat. At some point, well, actually at several points during the meal, food either accidentally or deliberately falls his way.


Lady Angel is less experienced. And, as it turns out, she is perfect table height. So she just shoves her nose delicately into your dinner while you aren’t looking and then gives you the ‘hurt greyhound’ routine when you squeak at her stealing your food. Amazing how guilty that dog can make you feel, when she was the one being naughty! Fortunately, no one among our usual dining crew holds grudges.



Lunch today consisted of leek and potato soup with crusty bread, followed by cherry pie. There was very nearly a greyhound nose in my cream as well! Cadbury made friends with the people at our neighbouring table too, hopeful that they might be careless eaters. They weren’t, and in any case, he would have had to fight for crumbs with the resident starlings, who are quite prepared to land at your table and pick through your cast-offs while you are still present. I rather fear that would be a fight Cadbury would lose.


Homeward bound from our luncheon, Cadbury bounced across the beach, happy as a labrador can be. For a nine-year-old with arthritic hips, he scaled the 4ft sea defences with ease, which I would much prefer he didn’t. But Cadbury is Cadbury, living life to the fullest. And I guess that is what life is really about – happy times, smiles, good food and good company. Making pleasant memories and enjoying the moment. If only we could live every day like that.

Now, where to go for our next lunch…?


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