Broads Training: Episode #2 (5 December 2017)

This week we had what at first glanced seemed a straightforward setup - five jumps, two tunnels and the weaves, but the complexities of this course proved a real brain teaser. There were two versions of the course, and naturally we started on the easier one (above) The obvious trap was 2-3, though I don't... Continue Reading →


Broads Training: Episode #1 (November 2017)

This week's challenge was an intricate course with several traps. Trap 1 was the weave entry at no.2. Trap 2 was the backside at no.12 (if you don't have independent backsides, this meant running like hell to get there!) There was a potential trap at 14-15, but 15-16 I found harder. The worst trap for... Continue Reading →

Sparrow goes Grade 5 – 1 July 2017

Viva Dog Vegas!! Or something along those lines. Dog Vegas is a Kennel Club showing, offering up to six classes a day and held at various venues. My favourite is in Thetford where there is 10 days of doggy Vegas (though Tuesday and Thursday are rest days). I attended my first Dog Vegas last year... Continue Reading →

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