Kennel Club International Agility Festival 2017

One of the most prestigious agility events of the year, and one of the main qualifiers for Crufts, KCI is an event that attracts people from across the globe. This year was my second time at the show, though I was only running Sparrow on this occasion and concentrating on the Novice Cup qualifier. What's... Continue Reading →


Running Contacts – the Next Step (8 August 2017) Sparrow's running contacts have been an ongoing experiment as I have adapted my training to suit her and to re-teach her what to do with contacts. We are reaching a stage of consistency that is very exciting, but I want to push Sparrow's understandings of her contacts, to discover if she is really grasping... Continue Reading →

Sparrow goes Grade 5 – 1 July 2017

Viva Dog Vegas!! Or something along those lines. Dog Vegas is a Kennel Club showing, offering up to six classes a day and held at various venues. My favourite is in Thetford where there is 10 days of doggy Vegas (though Tuesday and Thursday are rest days). I attended my first Dog Vegas last year... Continue Reading →

Swift gets to play with Helen Anderson

Swift is now 13 weeks old and full vaccinated, so she is pretty ready to rock and roll puppy style! After Sparrow's 1-2-1 session with Helen Anderson this month, we spent 10 minutes playing with Swift. Many people believe that a pup can't start doing agility until they are over a year old, and in... Continue Reading →

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