Running Contacts – Taking a step back (June 2017)

Sometimes you have to go back to go forwards. In fact that happens a lot in dog training. Recently I felt Sparrow was not quite clear on the criteria I was asking for with her running contacts, so I took a step back, I reassessed and I decided to go back to groundwork. I began... Continue Reading →


Running Contacts with Sparrow – 1 June 2017

Today's session of running contacts involved trying to phase out the use of the toy. Sparrow normally runs down the contact to a click and treat box, now we want to¬† have her driving from the dogwalk onto another obstacle. Naomi was helping me today (thanks Naomi!), she has been helping me iron out the... Continue Reading →

Swift gets to play with Helen Anderson

Swift is now 13 weeks old and full vaccinated, so she is pretty ready to rock and roll puppy style! After Sparrow's 1-2-1 session with Helen Anderson this month, we spent 10 minutes playing with Swift. Many people believe that a pup can't start doing agility until they are over a year old, and in... Continue Reading →

Puppy Training – Baby Targets

I've been working on lots of fun games to play with Swift to encourage her to try new things and to develop our bond and relationship. Puppies have so much to learn that it can seem daunting sometimes, but this fun little game incorporates several later areas of training without your pup even realising it.... Continue Reading →

Waxham Sands May 2017 – Learning Curves

If you read my previous blog about the Beachside Finals you'll know that this week I have been competing at Waxham Sands, a beautiful, yet windswept venue, where you definitely know you are right next door to the North Sea! This was Merlin's first show at Graduate level, while Sparrow was still Novice. I knew... Continue Reading →

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