UKA Red Run – The Team is heading for the Grand Finals! 20-21 May 2017

The weather was hot, hot, hot. Oh, but then it rained because this is England and we couldn't have sunshine for a whole weekend? Lol! And we were at Red Run's UKA show, the only UKA show near me these days, sadly. But while it might be the only one, it was definitely a good... Continue Reading →


Socialisation between Vaccinations: The Big Debate

Swift went to her first puppy party at the vets on Tuesday. There were five other sets of owners with their puppies attending, all different breeds and different sizes, and all around 11-12 weeks old. Now, here's the thing, as people began to talk and discuss their pups there were a lot of remarks about... Continue Reading →

Puppy Training – Baby Targets

I've been working on lots of fun games to play with Swift to encourage her to try new things and to develop our bond and relationship. Puppies have so much to learn that it can seem daunting sometimes, but this fun little game incorporates several later areas of training without your pup even realising it.... Continue Reading →

Waxham Sands May 2017 – Learning Curves

If you read my previous blog about the Beachside Finals you'll know that this week I have been competing at Waxham Sands, a beautiful, yet windswept venue, where you definitely know you are right next door to the North Sea! This was Merlin's first show at Graduate level, while Sparrow was still Novice. I knew... Continue Reading →

Beachside Finals 2017

For the third year running I qualified for the Beachside Finals at Waxham Sands. This year I had Merlin and Sparrow running, both in Novice grade but different heights. Beachside is the show where the journey began for us back in 2013 when Merlin started competing. I always feel at home with the Beachside team.... Continue Reading →

Merlin goes Grade 5! 29 April 2017

Merlin has had a funny fortnight, what with his tummy troubles, and his confidence has dropped, but we are improving again, he is feeling better and getting back his agility mojo. On Saturday we went to Agility Ability at Euston park, a beautiful venue even if the ground is not ideal for running on. The... Continue Reading →

WAG, 22 April 2017

I'll be honest, my brain was not on the game at WAG. What with a new puppy in tow and concerns about Merlin, who has been tentatively diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, my mind was not focused and I fluffed four courses and was really not running my best. But there were good bits, and... Continue Reading →

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