Beachside Finals 2017

For the third year running I qualified for the Beachside Finals at Waxham Sands. This year I had Merlin and Sparrow running, both in Novice grade but different heights. Beachside is the show where the journey began for us back in 2013 when Merlin started competing. I always feel at home with the Beachside team.... Continue Reading →


Merlin goes Grade 5! 29 April 2017

Merlin has had a funny fortnight, what with his tummy troubles, and his confidence has dropped, but we are improving again, he is feeling better and getting back his agility mojo. On Saturday we went to Agility Ability at Euston park, a beautiful venue even if the ground is not ideal for running on. The... Continue Reading →

WAG, 22 April 2017

I'll be honest, my brain was not on the game at WAG. What with a new puppy in tow and concerns about Merlin, who has been tentatively diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, my mind was not focused and I fluffed four courses and was really not running my best. But there were good bits, and... Continue Reading →

Shaping Games – The Box (Part 1)

Shaping is a method of training using a clicker. Instead of luring or showing the dog how to do something, the behaviour is developed through clicking and rewarding desirable movements. The handler gives no verbal cues and the dog is effectively leading the trick training. To make things more interesting there are two types of... Continue Reading →

Introducing Baby Swift!

Time to introduce the newest member of Team Jackson! Little Swift arrived on 19 April 2017 and set to work settling herself into the team. First impressions went very well, with Merlin and Angel welcoming her, Cadbury taking a wide berth (as usual) and Sparrow watching from a distance. As the first week progressed, Angel... Continue Reading →

Running Contacts, 13 April 2017

Running contacts are not an easy thing to teach, but I am determined to succeed with little Sparrow. We have gone from flat work to now being on a full-size dogwalk set at a low height. Sparrow has been doing good, but on our Wednesday session I was concerned she was over-reaching at the contact,... Continue Reading →

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