Beachside Finals 2017

For the third year running I qualified for the Beachside Finals at Waxham Sands. This year I had Merlin and Sparrow running, both in Novice grade but different heights. Beachside is the show where the journey began for us back in 2013 when Merlin started competing. I always feel at home with the Beachside team. Waxham is their summer venue and while the weather can never be guaranteed, the atmosphere is always friendly and fun.

Merlin ran well. We nearly messed up in the first course by my poor choice of handling position, I thought I would push him left, but it would have been better to pull him. We recovered and completed the course. In agility he ran well, full of beans and pleased to be there. I was so glad to see my blue man back.

Sparrow ran the same courses as Merlin, but on small. Her jumping was challenging to keep her on track because she is fast, but she ran so well and went clear. We had a nice comment from the judge who has seen Sparrow come on and said how much she had improved. In agility we were flying, but Sparrow missed her weave poles entry and gained 5 faults. We still won our class finals.

Couldn’t believe that both dogs won their respective finals, it really was a magical day. Now Merlin has progressed to Graduate level and Sparrow continues as Novice. More adventures to follow through the 2017/2018 season with Beachside.


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