Broads Training: S-lines and Scoops, 2 May 2017

Tuesday night means Broads night, which has got to be just about the best evening of the week. Heck, we even had coconut tarts to munch on between classes! Two smaller courses had been set up to test us, each one having enough sneaky traps and variants to keep us busy. As there was a dogwalk present, my goal was to test out Sparrow’s running contacts, and to work on Merlin’s.

Merlin – Course 1

There was an early round the back, followed by an s-line and a pull-in on this course. I wanted to work some distance into the course and to speed Merlin into his DW touches, which actually worked well. A good pointer from my trainer was that I tend to bend as I point to the DW contact, and this might be why Merlin jumps it. So I tried standing up straight. Still need more speed, but it is an improvement from the pings we were having.

Sparrow – Course 1

Sparrow tried the same course and surprised me at how she flowed and listened, especially with the tunnel. We are not quite there with our pull-ins, so I broke it down and used my clicker to mark what I wanted. I pushed her across her DW and, though a little slow at the end, I was pretty pleased.

Sparrow – Course 2

Though only a short sequence we packed in a lot of moves. We began by sending  our dogs into an s-line, followed by a round-the-back at the jump after the tunnel, then scooped them into the weaves before rear crossing. Phew! We worked up to the full complications and, quite frankly, it actually seemed quite straightforward once we had our heads around it. I loved doing this with Sparrow, though she was getting tired by the end and nearly clocked herself on the tunnel!


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