Sparrow’s Running Contacts. New Places, New Challenges

Sparrow has come a long way since we started training her running dogwalk using a piece of carpet. She is now running a full dogwalk and we are incorporating distance, speed and other obstacles. She still has a lot to learn and a lot to proof, but already she is faster and more confident, which is what I wanted.

Yesterday I went training with Helen Anderson. Getting a fresh pair of eyes on your training is always helpful and Helen helped me to narrow down the criteria I should be looking for in Sparrow’s running contacts, as well as building up speed and drive while retaining accuracy. It was a tiring session for Sparrow, but the improvements were significant and I can now truly see her getting the idea of what she is doing.

We have plenty of homework, mainly adding in more and more speed and nailing the criteria that is most desirable and sticking to it. The journey continues, but we can now see where we are going to finish up. I am loving this method and the results it is producing, not least in the confidence and speed Sparrow is demonstrating. So very glad I bought Silvia Trkman’s DVD at the start of the year!


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