Broads Training: Episode #1 (November 2017)

November 2017
Copyright (C) Broads Training Club 2017

This week’s challenge was an intricate course with several traps. Trap 1 was the weave entry at no.2. Trap 2 was the backside at no.12 (if you don’t have independent backsides, this meant running like hell to get there!) There was a potential trap at 14-15, but 15-16 I found harder. The worst trap for me was 17-18, not only having to layer a jump, but also having to avoid the weaves. First few attempts Sparrow went straight for the weave poles.

We performed the course in two halves, before combining it into an entire run.

Part 1

As you can see from the video, on my first attempt I didn’t hold my position at the weaves while Sparrow dropped into them and she pulled out. On my second attempt I did hold and she made the entry perfectly. That is something I would like to work on, so that my body position is not necessary to get her into the weaves.

Then ketschker at no.5 was an unnecessary move. I did it purely because I wanted to practice such a turn. The better way of doing that section, which you will see in the next vid, was with a front cross at no.6.

As you saw, Sparrow took the pole at 7 due to my way too late front cross which messed up her line. That was completely my fault, which is usually the case when she takes a pole.

Full Course

Bringing everything together, the course needed to be worked, but it flowed. You can see where I was struggling to trust Sparrow to come with me and was hesitant. That is something to work on. I loved her slalom at the end, where she worked on verbals alone, that has been a big project for us.



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