WAG, 22 April 2017

I’ll be honest, my brain was not on the game at WAG. What with a new puppy in tow and concerns about Merlin, who has been tentatively diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, my mind was not focused and I fluffed four courses and was really not running my best. But there were good bits, and you can always find positives even in bad runs.

I only ran Sparrow on Saturday as I didn’t feel Merlin was quite fit for competing.

Small 4-7 Agility

There were lots of tricky bits in this course and I had walked it too many times, and seen too many options, so I made mistakes. However, I put in a German turn just after jump 3, one of the moves I have been learning. I was pleased it worked, though I could have been faster on the move off. Sparrow popped the weaves, so we redid them, then I messed up the turn. I meant to be on the far side of the tunnel, rather than the near side. After the seesaw I wanted to do a series of rear crosses, it went wrong at first, so I asked the judge if I could retry and he said I could. The second time went brilliantly, with a rear cross to the tunnel. By the time we reached the end I was out-of-breath and could not finish. This was the saga of most of my runs!

Small 4-7 Jumping

I didn’t connect with Sparrow at the start and she skimmed past me and over the jump. I asked the judge if I could start again and we retried. The second run was actually quite good, she drove out, did the weaves, scooped into the tunnel and pulled off into the wrong side of the tunnel. At which point I was struggling to keep up and messed up the last sequence. When I make mistakes Sparrow gets frustrated with me and questions all my commands, something I am learning. I will improve Sparrow, promise!

Small 4-7 Tunnel Fun

This was almost a good run, but Sparrow was arguing with me because I was not running confidently and she picked up three refusals which equaled an elimination. I was actually pleased with how Sparrow drove from the second to third tunnel, as it was an awkward angle. This ground was killing me!

Small 4-7 Power and Speed

So close and yet so far! We got all our contacts and I was certain we would be the fastest on the speed section, but, look how I bend forward on the wing wrap and Sparrow back jumps! But then I just pushed her and she drove fabulously down the last line.

So a day of Es, but so many good bits as well. The weather was kind and considering Sparrow has a new pup in her life she was still happy to work for me. We have a very exciting journey ahead of us.


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