Fun at DBDT KC, 26 March 2017


The sun was shining down on us at DBDT this weekend. Despite a bit of a dodgy sciatica, I managed some great runs with the dogs, coming away with two clears for Merlin and a first placing for Sparrow

Merlin’s Runs

Merlin is back in action after a grazed paw meant he had to have some time off. He didn’t appreciate that and was eager to get flying again. We started the day with a fast clear in Small & Medium Helter Skelter C1-7. We were never going to beat the other speedy dogs, but came a respectable 8th out of 30+ dogs. More importantly, Merlin was back up and running.

Medium Jumping Combined 4-5

I enjoyed this course, but I had to think to remember all the turns. Merlin ran wide a few times which cost us seconds overall. We came 7th.

Medium Agility Graded 4-5

The agility course went wrong for two reasons; first Merlin dove over the dogwalk (that running contact work has achieved something!) and I could not get ahead of him as I had intended to try and slow him for the touch. Second, by the time I was flying for the weaves I had pulled my sciatica and was no longer concentrating as pain went up my leg, so he bounced out of the last weave.

Medium Jumping Combined 4-5

Merlin ran lovely, our reverse start successfully got him into the weaves. He hesitated on his ketschker, he still finds them confusing, and I noticed on the video that something distracted him just before the last wing wrap. It was a clear however, unfortunately he skimmed over course time by a second, so no rosette.


Sparrow’s Runs

My little girl was full of beans and ready for a run, but I do need to be on form for her as she takes no prisoners. We had three runs, 1 clear, 1x 5 faults and 1 elimination. The elimination was during Small Jumping Combined 4-5, at the end of the day when Sparrow’s brain took a walk and we could not do weaves, took a pole and just went a little crazy. I decided not to try completing the whole course, but picked something we needed practice on – a rear cross. The first time we tried it, it went wrong, so I informed the judge that I would just try that bit again and then leave, which is what I did. Take 2, Sparrow did a perfect rear cross and I sailed her home. I came away with something very positive to take from that course, even if it had all begun with an elimination.

Small & Medium Helter Skelter C1-7

First run of the day and I was worrying about my leg playing up rather than running. Sparrow picked up on my hesitation and went past a jump, I got her back and we finished the course, but we could have done a lot better. My fault, not hers.

Small Jumping Combined 4-5

What can I say? A hesitant start because I was pulling Sparrow straight off a jump, but then we got our act together. She ran into the tunnel despite me rear crossing and although our rear cross at the tyre was iffy (I left the command too late for fear she would pull off the tyre) I managed to pull her left instead of over the start again and she sailed the wall – earning us 1st place!

Overall a successful day. I have learned how to warm up to prevent my leg twinging in future, and the dogs were on fine form. Lots of positives to take away.

Thanks for watching my videos!




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