Tightening Turns, 29 March 2017

Today I spent some time training with Helen Anderson. We were working on turns over jumps, and one of the things I wanted to look at was Sparrow’s tendency to go wide after jumps. I basically wanted to know if it was something I was doing or a training issue.

Helen had me working on a ‘brake hand’, a hand that goes up just before a turn to inform the dog it should slow down because its about to change direction. We worked first with dropping a treat ball before the jump to teach Sparrow to brake, and then dropping the toy after the jump.

Left Hand Turns

Left turns proved pretty good once I got the hang of them. I need to work on lowering my arms, and not working the air so much!

Right Hand Turns

I always seem to be better working left hand sequences, than right hand. Here that was apparent. My signals are not so clear and Sparrow was wider on her turns.

So, now we know what we need to work on. More right hand turns than left, and improving my hand signals.

Thanks Helen for a great session and showing us how we can improve and shave those extra seconds off our time!


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