Cadbury and the Twitcher, 31 March 2017

Walks are always interesting when with Cadbury. Today there was an old man lurking in the woods in camouflage gear. My first concerns were assuaged when I realised he was carrying a camera with a professional lens and was gazing up at the tops of trees. Hallmarks of a Twitcher, I concluded.

The man disappeared into the woods, which was just as well as I feared Cadbury clattering through the foliage would dispel most birds, and might even ruin a priceless photograph. It’s the sort of thing Cadbury is good at doing.


As we moved into the park, the day was feeling very spring-like. The May was out and there were butterflies courting, not to mention some very colourful bees humming about. But I want to know who ordered the wasps? Seriously, I have seen two in the week and one tried to come in the back door! After the wasp nest nightmare of last summer, I definitely don’t want to see any of the yellow and black blighters around this early in the year!


Having posed Cadbury for the obligatory spring photo, I was distracted long enough with my phone for him to do a bunk. I looked up to see he had found the Twitcher, now emerging from among all the blossom. Cadbury was instant friends with him and insisted on tummy rubs. Fortunately the man was very accommodating towards dogs!


We finished our walk and sauntered home, me thinking about the interesting things you see in the park, when something even weirder occurred. Cadbury suddenly halted and looked across the road, I followed his gaze and spotted five cats all sitting together, three of them in a row. They observed me and Cadbury with disdain. I can only imagine they were holding a meeting, a Council of Cats. Whatever they were planning, I hope to avoid it! As Cadbury is quick to inform me, cats are evil!


Cadbury took some persuading to move on again, rather worried about all these cats behind him. I can’t blame him, nothing like five pairs of golden eyes burning into your back to make you glad to get home!

I dread to think what they were up to…


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