T&A Agility with Course Analysis, 8 April 2017

We had T&A at the weekend. Merlin was back after his grazed paw the month before, and we had two of our trainers judging classes, which is both fun and slightly nerve-wracking.

  • Team Stats
  • Merlin: Clears 1. Faults 0. Eliminations 3.
  • Sparrow: Clears 2. Faults 0. Eliminations 2.
  • Cadbury: Clears 0. Faults 0. Eliminations 1.

Merlin ran four classes – Agility, Jumping, Helter Skelter and Power and Speed. Only one was filmed, his agility run which went wrong in a number of places. I decided to break down his video into a course analysis to show what went wrong and what went right.

His Novice Jumping was a cracking run right until I failed to pull him off a tunnel, but otherwise it was a superb run from him. His Helter Skelter was both fast and clear and earned him a first place. In Power and Speed he missed his dogwalk contact which meant an instant elimination.

Sparrow ran four classes – Agility, Jumping, Helter Skelter and Power and Speed. Her two best runs, both resulting in first placings were filmed. Her Elementary agility was amazing, even though I had to pull her off the a-frame. She finished the course in 33 seconds, which was the fastest time across all heights. In jumping I could not pull her off a tunnel and then she missed her weaves. Her Helter Skelter was again amazing, she saved me several times when I was completely in the wrong place. Her last run in Power and Speed was late in the day and she was frazzled. She flew her dogwalk contact, jumping from the middle of the down plank, so I made her repeat the obstacle and eliminated us.

Cadbury ran one class – Jumping. He had a great time, was very excited and full of beans. Whenever my chocolate man is that happy running it is worth more than a clear.

Overall an amazing day in the sun. Looking forward to the outside season ahead and the adventures to come.T&A April


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