Flinds, Blinds and Double Blinds: Training with Helen Anderson 10 April 2017

What a fab way to spend a Monday afternoon, training with the amazing Helen Anderson! Both Merlin and Sparrow had their turns. Sparrow is working on tunnel avoidance and it was clear her issue was understanding turning away from the tunnel. We worked at breaking down the exercise and we achieved some success, but have some homework to take away and work on.

I did have to smile at her awesome weaves though! This time last year I could only hope for weaves like that!

Merlin’s turn was more about helping me to understand blinds, double blinds and ‘flinds’ (a front cross followed by a blind). Blinds are my nemesis, so it was a great opportunity to practice and learn the more complicated moves with my steady dog.

Merlin proved himself up to the challenge and, once my handling was in order, we were achieving some moves I never would have thought possible. I also now understand what doubles blinds and flinds are, though knowing the right place on a course to use them is another matter!


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