Perfecting Germans at Broads, 11 April 2017

This week at Broads we were working on various sequences. The first was a series of jumps that could be done in a variety of ways, and the trainers certainly found some inventive layouts! I have been working hard on my body language for Ketschkers. In all honesty in has taken me two years to get this right and I am finally getting the hang of them, seeing Merlin do this one smoothly followed by a push round shows how far we have come.

For Sparrow the sequence involved a German turn, another move I have been working on hard lately. I was actually astonished when she completed this move on her first go and my handling wasn’t disastrous. I have to thank Naomi Read for her help with these too, as she has been putting us through our paces.

Next was a tunnel sequence. With both dogs I worked on pull-offs into the wrong end of tunnel. Merlin has really cracked this, they are now one of his best moves and such fun to do.

Sparrow is still at the foundation stage with these, but did some amazing work. We finished on a tunnel drive exercise and I decided to push her and see just how fast we could fly through the sequence.

It was a fab evening of training and it is so nice to have the evenings drawing out and to be able to start the classes still in the light. Roll on summer!


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